A Mother That Embraces All

Humanity is always in need of care and attention, because there will always be a patient who needs to be visited, someone hungry who needs bread or someone who needs a word of comfort. That's when someone appears that strives to show kindness toward us, our Mother. Whether by adoption, or blood, a mother will always be around to calm an anxious or broken heart.

And Mary cannot be different, after all she is our mother and we should have recourse to her during times of our affliction, because she accepts each of her children with great care. And just as she welcomed and followed Jesus in the hour of his death, she never ceases to follow someone that asks her for assistance.

For us this is Mary, a helpful woman and a fighter who never left any of her own, so she always will be an example to us of motherly wisdom. And during the month of May, which is dedicated to women, it cannot be forgotten as a month illuminated by the protection of Mary, who is dedicated to help us in our humanity, which is so fragile and in need of attention.

Lilian Oliveira (Brasil)

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