Countries: Support Refugees in Solidarity

On this First Friday of the month known as the “World Day of Prayer”, let us unite together spiritually and pray in a special way for the Pope’s monthly intentions.

This month we pray, “that the countries which take in a great number of displaced persons and refugees may find support for their efforts which show solidarity.”

In an address on the 101st World Day of Migrants and Refugees, Pope Francis explained the role of the Church in the acceptance of refugees:

“The Church without frontiers, Mother to all, spreads throughout the world a culture of acceptance and solidarity, in which no one is seen as useless, out of place or disposable. When living out this motherhood effectively, the Christian community nourishes, guides and indicates the way, accompanying all with patience, and drawing close to them through prayer and works of mercy. ”

Pope Francis challenges countries this month to work for just laws that respect refugees and treat them with dignity. He explained in his message, “It is necessary to respond to the globalization of migration with the globalization of charity and cooperation, in such a way as to make the conditions of migrants more humane…Solidarity with migrants and refugees must be accompanied by the courage and creativity necessary to develop, on a world-wide level, a more just and equitable financial and economic order, as well as an increasing commitment to peace, the indispensable condition for all authentic progress.”

Let us pray this month for refugees and to do our part to accept them in charity and support legislation that respects their dignity as human persons.

- Philip Kosloski
Writer and Content Manager
The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (USA)

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