Meet St. Mark

April 25 marks the feast day of St. Mark the Evangelist and this can be a good opportunity to get to know better the "Gospel according to Mark."

Although the Bible appears after the Gospel according to Matthew, the Gospel of Mark is the oldest of all! It is a real treasure that is worth knowing. It is thought that St. Mark the Evangelist is the "John Mark 'which appears in the book of Acts, the son of Mary, one of the Marys that appear in the Gospels and followed Jesus. We also know that he was a cousin of Barnabas and with whom he made some of the apostolic trips with St. Paul. St. Mark was also a close friend of St. Peter, who is known as "my son" in one of his letters. St. Mark was one of his disciples and therefore was able to transmit the faith and put in writing the words that St. Peter said. Although not one of the apostles, Jesus knew him very well!

If you do a reading of this Gospel you'll realize there are two 'acts'. In the "first act" St. Mark will want to lead you to the question: "Who is this Jesus?". Then at one point, St. Peter says, "You are the Messiah!" (Mk 8, 29). From the response of Peter, since we already know who Jesus is, we enter a "second act" in which St. Mark shows us how Jesus works in your life this to be "the Messiah." He explains, the life of Jesus, the meaning and the importance to us of the way of being Jesus the Messiah: Jesus does so many good works, tireless, never stops and sometimes not even have time to eat. It shows how Jesus is the Messiah who saves us and shows us the path of service, "because the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve and to give his life a ransom for all" (Mk 10: 25).

Takes advantage of quiet time and read the Gospel according to Mark!

Marco Cunha, SJ

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