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Motherhood is Eternal

How beautiful to be a mother! Personality, perception, sensitivity, affection...Mother, a tiny word that expresses more than we can imagine. How many adjectives and names are found in the word “mother.”

They are creatures honored by God for taking maternity, for "humanity is renewed in thy womb." The greatest proof of this is that Jesus came into the world by a woman who accepted God’s will with a "Yes." The "Yes" of Life. Look how beautiful! God gives us the great gift of life through a woman.

Then, whenever we pray to God for the gift of life, we must be aware of this opportunity and thank all mothers, for transmitting life! And in that free and pure form, without measure, without barrier, women are able to raise the concept of love to indecipherable meanings. Maybe this love is what closely resembles the merciful love of God for us.

Mother, a woman so strong that, even if she is not here with us in life, is able to awaken in us feelings, memories, and very intense thoughts. The beautiful words of Carlos Drummond de Andrade, in the poem "Forever", lead us to believe that: "Dying does what is brief and goes without a trace. Mother, in your grace, is eternity."

Everson Lima (S. Paulo - Brasil)

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