National Leaders

As we begin this month, let us unite together spiritually and pray in a special way for the Pope’s monthly intentions.

During June we pray, “That national leaders may firmly commit themselves to ending the arms trade, which victimizes so many innocent people.”

What is on the Pope’s heart this month can be in everyone’s heart too. If we pray with him for this intention, we pray along with many others too, all of us seeking to have our hearts changed and become more like the heart of Christ.

The arms trade has been approaching $100 billion annually. Can we imagine a world without that? There are those who say without it, jobs in the arms industry would be lost, families would suffer and security would be risked.

The follower of Christ will appreciate that yet will still remember words of Scripture that invites us to “beat our swords into plough shares”. The Pope’s concern does not omit how the arms trade victimizes many innocent people. Globally, armed violence kills up to 508,000 people each year, not all of them combatants.

We pray for them and for their families but ever more urgently for the world’s leaders, who could eliminate this killer trade.

David Stewart SJ
United Kingdom National Director, Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network

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