The daily offering provides for us a way to...

Today is the feast of the birth of Saint John the Baptist. He provides for us a wonderful example of offering one’s life entirely for Christ as a living sacrifice. During his brief life on earth, Saint John sought to decrease in order that Christ may increase and surpass him in greatness. His life in the desert was one of perpetual sacrifice, never seeking personal gain, but always pointing the way to the Lamb of God.

His example is an inspiration to all members of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network and encourages us to remain steadfast in daily offering all of our prayers, works, joys and sufferings in union with the heart of Christ. The daily offering provides for us a way to decrease and allow God to increase in our everyday lives.

St. John also is a great example of how to lead our lives in service to others. He had a great concern for the salvation of souls, which led him to preach, baptize and serve. He was a true light to others, not hiding his joy under a bushel basket, but letting it shine brightly so that all may see the beauty and wonder of God.

May we call upon the intercession of St. John the Baptist this day, asking him to help us offer our lives as a daily offering to God and to teach us how to serve others in a spirit of joy.

- Philip Kosloski (USA)

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