The Heart of the Good Shepherd

Central to the spirituality of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network is a deep and abiding love of Jesus’ most Sacred Heart. 

As we reflect on it in our renewal document, A pathway with Jesus in apostolic readiness, the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network is a “spiritual pathway inspired in the symbol of the heart – the human heart and the Heart of Jesus – that in unison wish to respond to the needs of today’s people.”

One could say that as members of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network , we seek to have the Heart of the Good Shepherd. Pope Francis explained the characteristics of this heart in his homily on the Feast of the Sacred Heart in 2016.

“The Heart of the Good Shepherd tells us that his love is limitless; it is never exhausted and it never gives up. There we see his infinite and boundless self-giving; there we find the source of that faithful and meek love which sets free and makes others free; there we constantly discover anew that Jesus loves us ‘even to the end’ (Jn 13:1), without ever being imposing. The Heart of the Good Shepherd reaches out to us, above all to those who are most distant. There the needle of his compass inevitably points, there we see a particular ‘weakness’ of his love, which desires to embrace all and lose none.”In the Heart of the Good Shepherd we receive our inspiration for our missionary efforts. We recognize that the Good Shepherd is propelled by his love to go out and encounter the many challenges of humanity. In his Heart we find such great love for humanity that we cannot help but try, in our own weak way, to imitate it in our prayers and works each day.

Let us go forth, renewed by the love we have received from the Heart of the Good Shepherd and respond to the many needs of people today. 

- Philip Kosloski
Writer and Content Manager
The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (USA)

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