Walking in the footsteps of Saint Paul

As we continue to pray this month for Christian Unity, especially in regard to work-ing together to meet the many challenges facing humanity, it is appropriate to meditate on the figure of Saint Paul and how he leads the way in proclaiming the Gospel to all corners of society in a spirit of unity.

Saint Paul, after experiencing the great mercy of God, dedicated the rest of his life to bringing the love of God to all people. It was not always easy and at times Saint Paul had differences with others working in the same vineyard. However, in the end the Holy Spirit united them and they were able to work together in a spirit of harmony towards the same goal.

This example should inspire all Christians to work together, overcoming our differ-ences, and call upon the Holy Spirit to unite us in our common mission.

Pope Francis spoke about his own desire for unity during a homily last year on the Solemnity of the Conversion of Saint Paul and proposed that we work together to proclaim the mighty deeds of God.

“In light of the Word of God we have heard, and which has guided us during this Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, we can truly say that all of us who believe in Christ have been called to proclaim the mighty acts of God (cf. 1 Peter 2:9). Beyond the differences which still separate us, we joyfully recognize that, at the origin of our Christian life, there is always a call that comes from God himself. We are able to make progress on the path to full visible communion between Christians not only when we draw closer to each other, but above all to the extent that we are converted to the Lord, who through His grace chooses us and calls us to be his disciples. And converting means allowing the Lord to live and work in us. For this reason, when Christians of different Churches listen to the Word of God together and seek to put it into practice, they make important steps towards unity.”

In the end, we must “practice what we preach” and in doing so as Christians we can grow together in our common desire to proclaim God’s mercy and compassion towards all people.

Let us pray this month for Christian Unity and may we work together with other Christians, putting aside our differences, in order to meet the many challenges fac-ing humanity.

- Philip Kosloski
Writer and Content Manager
The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (USA)

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