What is the call?

I found this paper lost in the street, stumbled on it and there were these words: What is God's will for my life? The desire to answer the question grew and grew, but God's will for me simply meant to be at his side and trust in his mission.

God's will for your life is a vocation. It is the voice of God who calls you, when you listen with your heart. He calls for you, knows your name and loves to say and repeat your name, like endless music. Your vocation is when God gives you a mission, your mission of love to the world. How good to know that God has a mission for you and for all, as it is good to know that we are all called, in different ways, for one mission to love and have a heart as big as life.

Vocation is not a profession and not just for a few. It is therefore the truth and love in the hearts of all is the human mission that God entrusts to each of us. We may be called to the sacrament of marriage, the sacrament of Holy Orders, consecrated life or a lay life. And living in the community we celebrate the joy of vocations and communion of all with Christ.

Teresa Cunha Pinto

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